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Training With Me

I work with lots of different interval timers that vary from short, intense intervals to longer, more endurance-based ones.


Sessions can be 30 minutes or 1hr depending on your fitness and your requirements.

Core sessions are 30 minutes.

Why exercise?

Just a few of the benefits of increased activity include:

  • Improved fitness, strength, posture and physique

  • Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes.

  • Improved mental health - reducing your risk of stress and depression, helping overcome anxiety.

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My Home Studio

I have a training room at home that includes:

  • A Treadmill

  • Spin Bikes

  • Free Weights

  • Barbells

  • Step

  • BOSU

  • Swiss Ball

  • Boxing Dummy

  • Bench

  • Kettlebells

  • Resistance Bands

  • Maxi-Climber

As you can see training options are varied and customisable.  While I do mostly do 1-2-1 and have many clients who train with a friend and even a father and daughter who train together.

You don’t need to be running!  It may just be building up walking fitness and increasing elevation so you are on a hill. 

I have worked with many clients through Injury support and rehabilitation.  I am a level 3 qualified kinesiology taping practitioner so this is an area I can also support and treat.


Nutrition is a vital part of our heath and I can help you learn the values of various foodstuffs to fuel the body in the right way and help you on any weight loss needs you may have.  As they say, and it’s true, you can’t out train a bad diet’



I also take classes at Moray Leisure Centre in Elgin, Moray


by SLG

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