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"Since re-joining sessions with Sarah in 2020, I've learned to love exercising and look forward to our morning online sessions. Being able to exercise in the comfort in your own home, means I can fit exercise in around home. 

Sarah is great at adapting the training plans to suit my health issues and the many faces of perimenopause, but still ensures each workout is of benefit. 

Overall, I have found by exercising with Sarah my life has changed for the better. I am better mentally and physically. I even quite like Russian twists now! Sessions often contain a lot of giggling which is great for the core!" - Carol -

"I've been training with Sarah since May 2022 and she's greatly impacted my relationship with fitness and nutrition. I initially went to her looking to break snacking habits associated with stress and boredom, alongside losing weight and building muscle.  

From the outset she made it clear that I wouldn't be dieting, instead using food diaries to understand what I was eating throughout the week, highlighting unhealthy options and looking for alternatives. This really really helped me start making conscious choices towards my health whilst still enjoying meals I liked in moderation.

I've found such a drastic change in my confidence, well being and appearance working with Sarah. I'm always greeted with a beaming smile and infectious positivity at every training session and always leave feeling great! There is an encouraging, supportive atmosphere in her studio and sessions are varied, feeling unique and adapted to my progress." - Matthew -

"Sarah's sessions are always fun and motivating, using a mixture of different equipment, exercises and sequences. Every session is different and never boring!


Sarah's knowledge is unquestionable and she is truly an inspiration! You are always met with a smile and feel instantly at ease. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough, if you are looking for the best PT, Sarah is the person for you!"  - Lisa -

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