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by SLG

MEEt SArah

I’ve been running my own personal training business now for just over 20 years.  I come from a medical background having been a paramedic in the Scottish Ambulance Service. 


I've run my training business from my home studio based in the scenic town of Lossiemouth on the beautiful Moray Firth Coastline, travelling locally to teach Group Cycling and Kettlebells classes at Moray Leisure Centre and 7 Health and Fitness at the Eight Acres Hotel.

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My Story

I worked as a Paramedic for 10 years until it abruptly ended due to a double disc prolapse that left me with no power in the right leg below the knee.  I felt I had lost everything that defined me - my career, my fitness, my love of running and racing.  I had a long struggle with depression as well as rehabilitation to be able to walk properly again.  I refused surgery on my back due to the risks involved and the GP told me that I would never run again.

This was a defining moment in my life. After several more months of depression and trying to find my identity, those words ringing in my ears, I decided to enter a marathon and a year later I did my first one - Loch Ness Marathon.

Subsequently I have completed over 100 marathons, more than a dozen ultra-marathons (distances over 30 miles), ran across the Sahara desert and bagged more than 100 Munros.  I still suffer with residue nerve damage but work around that and have never let it stop me. 

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by SLG

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